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As per BASEL Committee for Banking Supervision, Operational Resilience has been defined as ‘the ability of a bank to deliver critical operations through disruption’. This initiative will help to achieve Operational Excellence that every organization desires for. Operational Resilience is also a step towards attaining Organizational Resilience that is the need of the hour for all organizations.

Some industry sectors such as Banking / BFSI have given more importance to Operational Resilience (Bank of England, Central Bank of Ireland etc.) in recent times, but the concepts and approach are similar for all organizations – whatever may be their sector, size, complexity, nature or geographical location.
Operational Resilience Professional course will help an organization and individuals in multiple ways like:

• Understanding Operational Resilience concepts
• Raising awareness at all levels
• Being compliant to regulatory requirements

This course is highly interactive, with good hands-on learning experience and has 18 activities, 14 quizzes covered in 1 day. Delivery mechanisms include presentation based discussions, individual and group discussions, videos, etc.

After the training, you will need to sit for the certification exam. Upon successful clearance of this exam, you will receive ‘Certified Operational Resilience Professional’ certificate and title.

Following topics would be covered in this course:

1. What is Operational Resilience?

2. Drivers to implement Operational Resilience
o Regulatory requirements
o Corporate Governance
o Implications/ penalties of non-compliance
o Gains through compliance
o Leading to Operational Excellence and Organizational Resilience

3. Two recent developments:
o Bank of England’s Operational Resilience Policy
o Central Bank of Ireland’s Cross Industry Guidance on Operational Resilience

4. BASEL Principles for Operational Resilience

5. Quick view of BCM Implementation
o Program Management
o Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities
o Interested Parties
o Business Impact Analysis
o Risk Assessment
o Strategies
o Plans
o Test, Review, Audit
o Continual Improvement


• Understand Operational Resilience concepts
• Understand regulatory regime
• Understand the ‘Big Why’ (driver) of Operational Resilience
• Move a step towards the ‘Big How’ (implementation) of Operational Resilience
• Pass the examination and get Certified Operational Resilience Professional title (conditions apply)
• Get ready to move to next stage i.e. Operational Resilience Specialist and Organizational Resilience Specialist


• All individuals in BFSI sector – to ensure regulatory compliance
• All individuals in other sectors to achieve Operational Excellence and attain Organizational Resilience
• Anyone who first wants to judge the water before going deep (into 3 days Specialist Course)
• Top and middle management (those who cannot invest more time)
• Auditors, Assessors, Quality Specialists, Regulators
• Those who are preparing to start their professional journey
• Those involved in programs like Risk Management, BCM, Quality Management, Environment Management, Information Security Management, Physical Security Management etc.


None, but an experience of about 2 years in organizations would be helpful.

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