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enterprise Asset Management

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As per ISO 55000, an asset is any item, thing or entity that has a potential or actual value to an organization. This can be an IT or Non-IT hardware, software, intellectual property, real estate, infrastructure, works of art, or literally anything that an organization depends on to achieve its goals. Asset Management refers to a set of coordinated activities of an organization to realize value from these assets. This includes activities like creation and maintenance of inventories, tracking, maintenance, reporting, decision making and disposal. It focuses on the protection and optimal management of an asset throughout its useful life.

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Software Asset Management

Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice that involves management and optimization of the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, upgrade and disposal of software licenses within an organization. Our services help in an integrated implementation of SAM in your organization with complete ownership, accountability and in alignment with ISO 19770 and ISO 55001. We deploy SAM application along with re-engineered processes to ensure closure of all existing gaps based on the detailed analysis of your SAM objectives, as-is scenario, issues at hand and past incident records. We implement the best SAM strategy based on your organizational needs. Our managed services enable SAM Governance through maintenance and support of all your SAM activities along with the SAM application and discovery tools for a robust and matured solution. We define, provide and track right set of metrics and control mechanisms suitable to your businesses.

Stages involved in Asset Management

During its useful life, an asset passes through various stages. It is imperative to ensure that each of these stages is appropriately designed and built in the overall asset management process. Following are the asset lifecycle stages:​

  • Standardization

  • Planning

  • Requesting

  • Procurement

  • Receiving

  • Allocation

  • Installation or setup or commissioning

  • Acceptance

  • Operations

  • Maintenance

  • Return or re-harvesting

  • Retirement

  • Disposal

  • Writing-off

Analyzing Data
Enhance Your Business with Asset Management
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Why choose Gorisco
for your corporation?

At Gorisco, we understand that each organization has its own specific set of priorities and aligned processes related to asset management in order to achieve its short-term and long-term objectives. Hence, the requirements for a robust asset management system is quite different from one organization to another. This mandates the necessity of having a customized asset management solution which suits the best.


We therefore perform detailed analysis of the asset management requirements of your organization based on organizational needs, objectives and challenges faced. We understand the as-is process of handling assets before chalking the plan for transform the system aligned to international standards based on industry best practices and real-life experiences of our expert consultants over multiple decades. Our consultants get into your shoes while designing the most suitable and optimal solution – end to end.

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What we do

Gap Assessment

We conduct a detailed study of your as-is process based on interviews with various stakeholders, review of documents and evidences of practices being followed. A report is prepared highlighting the gaps identified and recommendations on how you can get them closed.

Software Solution

Analysis, evaluation, design and implementation. We can help you in identifying the most suitable software for managing all the types and classes of assets you have seamlessly. Design or customization of asset management software can be done and implemented for managing end to end process. 


We provide both in-house as well as external trainings with real-life examples of asset management challenges faced across industries and how to solve them

Internal Audits

We help organizations by performing internal audits and highlights all major and minor non-compliances or observations with respect to international standards or company policies. We then help them in closure of those gaps in most effective but economical way.

End to End Implementation

Alligned to the objectives of the organization, we define, design, re-engineer and implement asset management systems and ensure there are no challenges in getting them executed.

Managed Services

We have most competent and skilled resources to manage asset management. We have the leadership team who will ensure the delivery of services with utmost quality to your satisfaction.

What value we bring in
  • Our senior experts come with decades of experience.

  • We take complete ownership and accountability of all our projects.

  • Execution with quality is our biggest strength.

  • We provide customized solutions based on the varied business models, dynamics and needs because one size doesn’t fit all.

  • We have experience of implementation across various industry sectors like IT, Technology, Research & Development etc.

  • We have good knowledge on international standards and various best practices.

  • We are cost effective and easy to work with.

  • We had the honour to work with and deliver a project for United Nations.

  • We have successfully completed most challenging projects across India, Africa and other global regions.

  • We have executed projects for government entities across various countries.

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We can help you!

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