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Privacy Management

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Data Privacy essentially refers to an individual’s authority to decide when, how and to what extent their personal information is disclosed to others. This personal information could include details like their name, location, contact information, or online/offline activities. Privacy refers to controlling their personal information and keep it protected from unauthorized access or disclosure.

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Why is privacy Important?

Privacy has been a fundamental right and concept of individuals in many jurisdictions across the world. Many stringent data protection laws such as GDPR (EU), CCPA (California, USA), HIPAA (USA), and DPDP (India) are in place to guard these rights. It is important for organizations to demonstrate to their customers and users that they can be trusted with their personal data. In this digital age, privacy is a crucial aspect, and it helps in building trustworthy relationships, compliance with regulations, and achieving a competitive edge in a privacy conscious society.

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Services Offered

Gap Analysis

We analyze your current privacy practices and compare them with the requirements outlined in the relevant laws, regulations and standards. Based on this assessment, we pinpoint the areas where your organization’s privacy practices are falling short of compliance or best practices. These gaps could be related to data collection consent, data storage security, data access controls, or breach response procedures.

Privacy Consultation

Our expert consultants will assess your organization's privacy risks and provide tailored solutions to mitigate them.

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Why Gorisco?

At Gorisco, we recognize that privacy is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Our team of dedicated professionals work with you to tailor our services to your own specific needs and requirements, ensuring that you remain secure and compliant with the latest laws and regulations. We help companies to protect the personal information of clients and users over the full data life cycle – from acquisition to disposal.


Gorisco has earned a reputation for delivering results of the highest standards. This is evidently proven by repeat orders from our existing, and previous clients. Also, our services, available across the world, are competitively priced, providing you with the best return on investment.

When choosing Gorisco, you are selecting a committed partner dedicated to strengthening your organization’s security posture and in turn sustainable business growth.

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We can help you!

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