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Business Continuity Management

Business Continuity, as is known, is the capability of the organization to continue delivery of its critical products and services at acceptable predefined levels (which is also known as Minimum Business Continuity Objective) following a disruptive event. It is not enough for organizations to just be prepared for an eventuality. What is equally important is to check the level of preparedness before the disaster, during the disaster and after the disaster. How an organization is prepared before the disaster, reflects on the organization's response to the disaster and recovery time to resume its operations.

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We help your organisation be proactive rather than being reactive


At Gorisco, we first understand your business then help you comprehend the true concept of BCMS and elucidate on how you can be prepared to face an unforeseen situation within the identified RTOs and suitable recovery strategies.

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Make your Organisation Resilient

The team at Gorisco are experienced professionals in the field of BCMS & ISMS having relevant Corporate and Consulting knowledge in different industry sectors. This combination of Corporate and Consulting helps in providing a holistic solutions and services.

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Site Risk Assessment
A procedure that captures all the internal and external risks pertaining to the Site / Location that can hamper the operations.

Operations & Process Risk Assessment
A procedure that highlights the different Operations and Process risks that can slow down the recovery process during a disaster.

Vendor Risk Assessment
A procedure that lists out all the key vendors and underlines their Risk Appetite and ability to provide services during a disaster. This assessment also helps the organisation fathom if there are any Single Point of Failures.

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