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Information Security Management

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An Information Security Management is a systematic approach to managing sensitive information so that it remains secure. It includes people, processes and systems by applying a risk management process. It can help small, medium and large businesses in any kind of industries keep information assets secure. This system helps to prevent and counteract interruptions to services offered by the organization. It protects the organization from the effects of information security incidents and disasters occurring in the Information processing systems to ensure continued secure operations.

Analysing data
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By implementing ISMS an organization ensures it has a model for establishing, implementing, operating, reviewing, maintaining and improving the security of the information including those of the customer, held by the organization. ISMS looks at the organizations Information Assets through a Risk Assessment process. The process looks at the likelihood of an attack or failure, the impact that such attacks or failures would have on the organization and the type of appropriate controls required to protect the assets. ISMS improves the organization’s reliability and security.

Stages involved in Information Security Management

The ISO/IEC 27001 defines requirements for a risk-based Information Security Management System (ISMS) and provides a framework to implement the essentials guidelines by using a “Plan-Do-Check-Act” (PDCA) process model.

  • Infrastructure profiling

  • Gap assessment

  • Define and implement a Risk Assessment approach.

  • Vulnerability tracking and reporting.

  • Remediation and validation

  • Selection of appropriate controls and control objectives from Annex A of the ISO/IEC 27001:2013 standard.

  • Prepare an SOA (Statement of Applicability) which is a list of applicable information security controls for the organization.

  • Document policies and procedures of the applicable   controls implemented.

  • Review and improve on the effectiveness of the controls regularly.

Services We Provide

Infrastructure Profiling
Identifying all active hosts, services and associated assets where sensitive information resides or is processed.


Define and implement a Risk assessment approach
Once asset identification and valuation have been completed and the organization has formulated an SoS, it's time to conduct a detailed risk assessment that will inform the production of the ISMS. 


Vulnerability Tracking & Reporting
Vulnerabilities are a measure of how susceptible the software asset could be to the threats.


Impact and Likelihood
Organisations can now assess the likelihood of certain type of breaches occuring along with the magnitude of the potential damage that would result from each type of data breach. 

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How will it help you?

During a disruption, an organization must determine its severity, potential impacts, and then communicate with employees, contract workers, customers, vendors, management and other key stakeholders. Emergency notification systems relay corporate communications in real time, through phone messages, texts, emails and mobile applications. Organizations of any size should have an effective communications plan during emergencies. It is especially vital if the organization and its stakeholders are spread over multiple geographical locations.

High Marketability

Customers (or clients) will want to work with organizations that protect their Data (Information) better. Your Clients will never have to worry about Data loss or theft because of a robust ISMS implementation through Gorisco.

Industry Experts Training

We also offer ISMS awareness sessions/ courses that provides an overview of the standard’s requirement helping your organization prepare for the ISMS assessments

Experienced Consultants

Gorisco’s experienced ISMS auditors/ implementors posses the skills, knowledge and expertise to implement ISMS across industries. Our enterprising professionals we can provide our services no matter where you are. We adopt holistic approaches to ISMS implementation as well as cater to the certification needs.

Client Confidence 

The benefits included are Credibility, Trust and Confidence of your Customer/Client.Improved security awareness. Compliance with Legislation (Regulatory & Statutory). Prevention of purposeful or accidental confidentiality breaches. Prevention of unauthorized modification of sensitive information. Prevention of Data leakage or prompt detection of Data leakage enabling quicker incident response.

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We can help you!

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