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Success of Business Continuity depends on the right amalgam of People, Process and Technologies

During a disaster or any such emergency, the first priority of organizations is always to ensure the safety and comfort of their employees, contract workers, customers and vendors. This is because human is the greatest asset and treasure of the organization. To ensure this, it is imperative to have the ability to communicate with them at any point of time as we never know when the disaster would strike.

A reliable communication channel can prove to be a boon for the organization and avoid an incident becoming a major crisis.


AlertEm facilitates reliable mass communication during emergencies


Our mass notification solution AlertEm helps organizations in 24×7 communication thereby enabling BCM and Emergency Response. It can also provide a notification strategy for your transport related challenges.


Our solution is compliant with all requirements of ISO 22301 standard.

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Why AlertEm?

During a disruption, an organization must determine its severity, potential impacts, and then communicate with employees, contract workers, customers, vendors, management and other key stakeholders.


Emergency notification systems relay corporate communications in real time, through phone messages, texts, emails and mobile applications.


Organizations of any size should have an effective communications plan during emergencies. It is especially vital if the organization and its stakeholders are spread over multiple geographical locations.

Salient Features


Global Access - Any time, Any device


One way and two way communication


Telecom & IP based Channels
(Voice, SMS, Email, Mobile App)


Blast dial & Conferencing facility


Location based Triggers


Intuitive reports for information, analysis

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Ready to get started with AlertEm

Product Highlights

Manage Individuals, Groups and Sub-Groups

AlertEm has unique features to create groups, subgroups and individuals based on key parameters, for e.g. Site, City, Departments or Business Units. To be able to reach out to specific target recipients based on multiple sites, departments, on-site employees, contractors and vendors, you need to segment them into different groups and sub-groups. These can be created automatically based on different logics or manually by selecting individually.

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