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Application Development

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Gorisco offers an end-to-end business solution to develop, support and maintain special applications (including mobile applications) of your organization. For existing applications, we can engage through AMC model wherein you can delegate the responsibility of their monitoring and maintenance including bug fixing, patch releases, minor and major enhancements.

Application Design
Our offering includes:

Development of applications from scratch based on your requirements

Maintenance of existing applications and codes

Solving day-to-day operational issues

Development of new features in the application

Performance enhancements

User Interface transformations

​Reliability improvements


Maintenance of existing applications and codes

Our application maintenance through proactive and corrective measures improves application uptime and results in overall reduction in total cost of ownership (TCO) for our clients. 

Fixed and economical cost 


Based on the services and competencies needed, you will receive our competitive pricing which will be a fixed monthly cost to your organization. Hence you will precisely know how much budget you need to spend on us year on year.

Retention of knowledge, skills and competencies

All developers working for you will be on our payroll. Hence, you need not worry about employee turnover, retention, knowledge, skills and competencies. They are always connected with the latest trends, practices and technologies which will assure you on our best services.

Transfer of risks

We take the responsibility to manage all your risks for the respective application. We would do proactive monitoring and control before they turn out to be detrimental to your business in any way.

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We can help you!

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