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The Threats Have Modernized; How About Your Recovery Plans?

“In today’s independent world, a threat to one becomes a menace to all. And no state can defeat these challenges and threats alone." – Michelle Bachelet

Terror attacks using Drones, to AI taking over the world - Is your business ready to counter and save itself from these Modern Threats?

The attacks of September 11 persuaded many of us that what might seem to be obscure or distant potential threat can very rapidly materialize. It therefore makes sense to attend them before they become urgent. In this ever changing world, the threat landscape keeps advancing too. That means it is time for us look and modernize our strategies for risk mitigation, emergency response, crisis management and business continuity.

The recent drone attack on Abu-Dhabi Airport in United Arab Emirates (UAE) is a classic example of new-age threats that utilize advance technologies and modern equipment.

Read more details here.

The whole world needs to take cognizance of such threats and plan for their response actions. Think about this!

Gorisco's motto is 'Embedding Resilience' and we are committed to make the organizations and their workforce resilient.

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