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The Big WHY of Organizational Resilience

The best any country could have wished was its Prime Minister talking about business continuity or resilience.

Why Organizational Resilience?

You need ONLY ONE reason to say YES – else there are 10 for saying no (an old saying)!

Pickup your one reason:

  • Organizational Resilience is the need of the hour – for all organizations

  • The returns are high – as high as 1trillion dollars for aligning just two departments in the organization

  • Reskilling-upskilling-newskilling is the mantra in the prolonged Covid-19 Pandemic period – 7 out of top 15 (WEF report) for 2025 are touched by Organizational Resilience

  • Resilient People make Resilient Organizations

  • Relationships are important – build, develop, and enhance

  • CRM leads to high resilience

  • HRM leads to high resilience

  • ERM is the basis of Organizational Resilience – A Risk Managing, Learning, and Continually Improving organization is a Resilient Organization

  • The path is Risk Management – ERM – GRC – BCM – Operational Resilience – Organizational Resilience

Innovate, Collaborate, Empower, Align, Create, Encourage, Integrate, Reinforce, Respect – and achieve Organizational Resilience.

The Indian Prime Minister, Mr. Modi talked of BCM on 6th April 2020 and asked the Ministries to develop Business Continuity Plans. Read more here.

Yes, BCM (business Continuity Management) is a part of Organizational Resilience (see the infographic below), but there is a lot more to Organizational Resilience. It provides structured and balanced approach to achieve organization's VMV (vision, mission, values), goals / objectives, purpose.

To be truly RESILIENT, an organization will need to work on all aspects as in the infographic above. The need is not only the ministries, but all organizations (size, nature, sector, complexity – do not matter) to implement Organizational Resilience.

This is how we answer the Big WHY. The next big i.e. HOW is answered in our Organizational Resilience course. Organizational Resilience is a journey of transformation!

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