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Re-skilling and New-skilling is The Way Forward

Covid-19 Pandemic has given us a lot (negatively mostly) including the great resignation!

IT sector in India seems to be booming (with respect to pay package hikes). A lot has changed in our personal and professional lives. Challenges of new types will keep emerging and we need to be prepared.

The infographic below shows top 15 skills required for 2025 according to ‘Future of jobs survey 2020, World Economic Forum’).

Yes, 2025 is 3 years far away, but do we realize that it has been already 2 years of Covid-19 Pandemic?

Resilient People Make Resilient Organizations (and ultimately the resilient planet)! For it to be resilient, one would need to start now rather than leaving it to 2025.

Re-skilling and New-skilling is the way forward.

Of the 15 top skills for 2025, Organizational Resilience supports the following:

  • 1 – Analytical Thinking and Innovation

  • 2 – Active Learning and Learning Strategies

  • 4 – Critical Thinking and Analysis

  • 5 – Creativity, Originality and Initiative

  • 6 – Leadership and Social Influence

  • 9 – Resilience, Stress Tolerance and Flexibility

  • 13 – Service Orientation

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