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Is Your Firewall on Fire?

"As we've come to realize, the idea that security starts and ends with the purchase of a prepackaged firewall is simply misguided" - Art Wittmann

A crack in the wall is the inability to ward off attacks from within the system that it is meant to protect. This could be people getting unauthorized access to other users within the network or social engineering assaults or even an authorized user intent on malicious use of the system.

So how do we 'Fire Up' the Firewall?

Setting up a firewall is not as easy as “Buy it, fix it and forget it”, so don’t expect it to work as soon as it is fixed.

Poorly configured firewalls can be very counterproductive. The firewall can turn away any data that doesn't meet its policy, as determined by the firewall's default settings. Incorrect settings or a software conflict may cause firewalls to block all data entry, mimicking a network connectivity problem.

The basics to be followed:

  • Constantly monitor the traffic

  • Do patch updates for the firewall software

  • Do the firmware updates for the firewall hardware

  • Monitor the exceptions to the rule set. (Do not have too many exceptions)

  • Check for false positives and reduce the occurrences.

Well, that being said, how to protect your organization?

Get your Organization to stay aware. Awareness is key. Get a complete risk assessment done. Reach out to us now.

Read this article on firewall security from Compuquip. You can read it here.

At Gorisco, our motto is 'Embedding Resilience' and we are committed to make the organizations and their workforce resilient. Reach out to us if you have any queries, clarifications or need any support on your initiatives.

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