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Do You Know Who Else Is Attending Your 'Confidential' Online Meeting?

"Privacy on the Internet? Now that’s an oxymoron!” - Anonymous

Online meetings have existed since a long time now, however they were a rarity before the pandemic set in. Such meetings are the perfect business continuity option for the new normal. While some of us have company driven security protocols governing our online meeting security, it is not thought of much by most of us. There are a lot of critical and confidential discussions or decisions happening in these meetings. Hence, we need to be very careful in taking strong precautions that can ensure our meetings are NOT open to breaches - accidentally or intentionally.

Here is one of the recent reports about hackers attacking online meeting platforms to steal sensitive information.

If online meeting portals are not set up correctly, then former co-workers (now working with competitors), disgruntled employees, or hackers can disrupt or simply spy on your meetings. Let's keep these unauthorized attendees at bay.

So, how do we ensure secure online meetings?

Many online meeting applications come with their own built in security features, however always ensure the latest version of the application is running on your system(s). Apart from this, the following tips from the NIST can reduce the possibilities of breach in your meetings:

  • Follow your organization's policy on online meetings

  • Limit reuse of access codes (if you have used the same access code for years you may not recall who and all have access to that meeting zone)

  • Use multifactor authentication for important meetings

  • Enable notifications for when a participant joins

  • Ensure participants identity are clearly visible and not editable

  • DON'T record meetings unless it is absolutely necessary

  • Disable features that you don't deem necessary

  • Conduct online meetings only on organization provided devices

We all know that the future is online; we need to be secure and proactive. All the best!

Be proactive, protective and resilient. Reach out to us now.

At Gorisco, our motto is 'Embedding Resilience' and we are committed to make the organizations and their workforce resilient. Reach out to us if you have any queries, clarifications or need any support on your initiatives.

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