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Can You Imagine Your Life Without The Internet?

“Last night the Internet stopped working so I spent a few hours with my family. They seem like good people.” - Anonymous

When there is an internet outage, we are outraged! it’s like you have travelled back in time - several years back. The slightest disruptions can cause us a great deal of stress, economically and emotionally as well. In this new age, there is a need to be all wired up. Else, with more and more people connecting the internet, we think the internet outages shall become more common.

Internet outages can happen to anyone, anytime, anywhere. Canada, one of the richest countries in the world, had an outage...not really, actually they had multiple outages in the recent past. Read about it here.

The large scale outages can be caused by the following reasons

  • Anti-social elements purposefully cutting the fiber optic cables

  • Undersea cables getting cut

  • Multiple government-directed shutdowns

  • Technological errors and disruptions

Localized internet failures can be due to the following reasons

  • Network congestion - too much traffic to a specific site. Outages caused by congestion are more common in colleges, public libraries, unplanned capacity LANS and wireless networks in offices.

  • Equipment failure - not properly grounding your equipment and protecting it from surges can cause outages. Overloads can also cause equipment failure.

  • Link failure - this happens when the link between your device and the server is disconnected.

  • Operational error - incorrect IP addresses, improper wiring, or an incorrectly configured firewall, operation errors can occur when an internet connection is not installed properly.

Business Impacts of Internet Outage

  • Loss of revenue: With most of the business moving online these days, downtime means direct and indirect cash loss.

  • Loss of visibility: If you are not visible, you don't get any business.

  • Reputational loss: Your site being down at crucial times will become an opportunity for your competitors.

Have stringent SLAs with your Internet Service providers along with penalty clauses and have adequate back up service providers. Have a robust IT Disaster Recovery Plan in place.

Have you performed a detailed risk assessment for the above RISK?

Speak to our experts now!

At Gorisco, our motto is 'Embedding Resilience' and we are committed to make the organizations and their workforce resilient. Reach out to us if you have any queries, clarifications or need any support on your initiatives.

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