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Implementation of Business Continuity Management Systems

Client: Japan based reputed multinational

Sector: Research & Development (Software)

Location: Bengaluru


The Client is one of the largest Software Research & Development Centre in India. The Leadership team decided to implement Business Continuity Management Systems and create an awareness on the same within the organization to enable and thrive continuity and resilience in Business.

During our discussion with leadership team, it was decided that it would be appropriate to have BCMS implemented for the Critical Business Functions.

Our Approach

  • We took a collaborative approach to the project, drawing on the expertise of our consultants and working closely with the stakeholders and Client teams.

  • The entire project was split into different stages, allocating appropriate man-days and man-hours. Following were the major activities conducted during the project:

  • Defined Policy, Framework and BCM objectives

  • Conducted Gap Assessment and highlighted the critical points to the management

  • Visited the entire facility along with facilities and security team head and assessed the site risks

  • Defined and baselined the definitions for business impact categories

  • Conducted Business Impact Analysis for the functions in scope

  • Conducted Process Risk Assessment and highlighted the risks associated

  • Completed Vendor Risk Assessment and highlighted major risks, critical vendors and related dependencies

  • Identified recovery strategies and solutions

  • Created Business Continuity Plan

  • Created IT Disaster Recovery Plan

  • Training and awareness sessions were conducted for all levels in the organization

The Positives

  1. The entire project was completed within the agreed timelines without any delay

  2. BCM Culture was embedded in the organization through training and awareness program

  3. Pandemic was a real time disruption situation and exercising opportunity for the Client

  4. Due to COVID-19 lockdown, more than 80% of the work was executed remotely without any issues

  5. The Client was happy with our professionalism, collaboration and timely execution in spite of working remotely

Benefits & Values To Client

  1. Our Consultants shared best practices across industries with the respective function heads.

  2. We helped our Client to disclose business value that is difficult to quantify to assess the impact categories in Business Impact Analysis.

  3. Client realized the need for alternate sites away from the primary site.

  4. Client understood the need for importance of a mass notification solution.

  5. The entire BCMS implementation helped the client to be more resilient and build a proactive culture in the organization.

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