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Can Your Business Be Held For Ransom?

"Ransomware is more about manipulating vulnerabilities in human psychology than the adversary's technological sophistication" - James Scott, Sr. Fellow, Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology

Ransomware is a malware that has become a significant threat to businesses and individuals over the past few years. Ransomwares encrypt files on the infected system/network (crypto ransomware), although a few variants erase files or block access to the system using other methods like locker ransomware.

The ransomware demands a ransom in order to unlock the files, frequently in the range of $500 – $5,000 in bitcoins, though other currencies and gift cards are occasionally reported. Ransomware variants almost always opportunistically target victims, infecting devices from computers to smartphones. The loss is not just financial (paying of ransom), but there is loss of productivity, loss of information, loss in reputation etc.

Ransomwares are evolving. Some ransomware variants are able to perform DDOS attacks and also come with anti-detection components. Remember that there is absolutely no assurance that your data will be returned once ransom is paid or you won't be asked for more ransom even though you have already paid what was requested earlier.

Read here for examples of Ransomware and you will be surprised to know to what extend this can impact your organization.

Well, how to ensure you don’t have to pay any ransom in the future?

  1. Secure end users and end points

  2. Antivirus

  3. Antispam

  4. Keep all systems patched

  5. Disable macro scripts

  6. Have robust backups

  7. Have a robust incident response plan

  8. Network segmentation

  9. Apply principle of least privilege

  10. Have a robust response plan to a compromise or an attack

  11. Disconnect infected system

  12. Determine what data is affected

  13. Determine if the threat is real or false positive

  14. Restore files from maintained back up

  15. Report the attack

Protect your organization, get your organization to stay aware. Awareness is key.

Get a complete risk assessment done. Reach out to us now.

At Gorisco, our motto is 'Embedding Resilience' and we are committed to make the organizations and their workforce resilient. Reach out to us if you have any queries, clarifications or need any support on your initiatives.

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