Software Asset Management & Compliance

  • March 28, 2017

    Software Asset Management (SAM) is a business practice that involves management and optimization of the purchase, deployment, maintenance, utilization, upgrade and disposal of software licenses within an organization. Another very important part of it is the perfect balance between the number of Rights vs. Installs of software in the organization, non-effective management of which can push the organization into a non-compliance status.

    ​​​Our services and products help in an integrated implementation of SAM in your organization with complete ownership, accountability and in alignment with ISO 19770. We deploy SAM application along with re-engineered processes to ensure closure of all existing gaps based on the detailed analysis of your SAM objectives, as-is scenario, issues at hand and past incident records. We provide recommendations on the best strategy based on your organizational needs. We also provide training for all levels in the organization.

    Our managed services enable SAM Governance through maintenance and support of all your SAM activities along with the SAM application and discovery tools for a robust and matured solution. We define, provide and track right set of metrics and control mechanisms suitable to your businesses. We prepare you for ISO 19770 compliance certification and other internal or external audits.