Reliable mass communication in emergencies

Business Continuity Management starts with people and is driven by people. During a disaster or any such emergency, the first priority of organizations is always to ensure the safety and comfort of their employees, contract workers, customers and vendors. This is because human resource is the greatest asset and treasure of the organization. To ensure this, it is imperative to have the ability to communicate with your people at any point of time as no one knows when a disaster strikes. A reliable communication channel can prove to be a boon for the organization and avoid an incident becoming a major crisis.

Our mass notification solution AlertEm helps organizations in 24×7 communication thereby enabling BCM and Emergency Response. It can also provide a notification strategy for your transport related challenges. Our solution is compliant with all requirements of ISO 22301 standard for Business Continuity.

AlertEm addresses following organizational challenges and more

Inability to communicate 24 X 7

Inability to mass notify over internet

Invalid and old contact records

Unable to receive mass responses

Barred voice calls and messages

Non accessibility to DND registered numbers

None or only one communication channel

Location of people to rescue them

AlertEm : Salient features

  • One way, two way communication

  • Pre-defined templates, groups

  • Blast dial and conferencing facility

  • Intuitive reports for information, analysis

  • Host on Physical, Virtual or Cloud infra

  • Highly secured and user friendly interface

  • Customizable, flexible

  • Telecom based channels - SMS, Voice

  • IP based channels - Email, Mobile App

  • Integration with HR, ERP, BMS systems

  • IOS, Android platforms

  • GPS locations of people

  • Integrated personal safety features

  • Perpetual and Subscription licensing models

We'll assess your requirements and implement the best mass communication strategy.

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